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Transportation Corridor Agencies May Board Meeting Highlights

Highlights from the Joint Foothill/Eastern and San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Agencies May 9 Board Meeting

Irvine, Calif. - May 09, 2024

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority Trademark and Service License Agreement Authorization

SB Express LanesThe Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency (F/ETCA) and San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Agency (SJHTCA) Boards of Directors approved a Trademark and Service Mark License Agreement authorizing the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) use of the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority’s (SBCTA) name, symbols, service marks, trademarks and logos in connection with terms of the 2018 signed cooperative agreement between TCA and SBCTA.

Under the 2018 cooperative agreement, TCA, operator of The Toll Roads, is providing back-office related services to SBCTA as the account and payment processing partner for the future I-10 and I-15 SB Express Lanes. TCA’s proven efficiencies in these services and the leveraging of TCA’s current back-office infrastructure will benefit both SBCTA and TCA, ensuring efficiencies in processing transactions and improving costs. In mid-June, The Toll Roads and SBCTA will open a walk-in center in San Bernardino County to service customers in that region. The I-10 SB Express Lanes are anticipated to open in July 2024.

Consistent with TCA’s Strategic Plan, the Agencies are leading in a “first of its kind” for Southern California to leverage existing back-office systems. TCA will continue to look for opportunities to provide processing services to other tolling agencies when operationally and fiscally beneficial.

Business Intelligence Analytics System

The Joint Boards of Directors approved a contract extension with ThoughtSpot, Inc. – a business intelligence analytics system.

ThoughtSpot offers agile and scalable data tools to support the Agencies’ analytic needs to better understand operational and financial trends to help drive business decisions. The valuable data, such as traffic flows, transactional details and historical comparatives, is often used to analyze the need for future roadway improvements and capital programs that benefit The Toll Roads customers by ensuring a reliable trip. In addition, data analysis has been applied to support business decisions, such as the elimination of account maintenance fees for TCA accountholders.

Chief Executive Officer Report

IBTTA LogoTCA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ryan Chamberlain shared an update from the recent International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike (IBTTA) Technology Summit which highlighted advances in tolling technology, including artificial intelligence, data utilization, safety and toll enforcement.

The valuable insights are important for TCA in choosing the right technology for the planned 241/91 Express Connector Project to ensure the connector meets the performance requirements during peak-period travel times.

TCA will continue to work with its valued partners in moving the 241/91 Express Connector project forward from its current phase to plan for near-term construction.