At The Toll Roads, we have an exceptional record of environmental protection and restoration, earned by going above and beyond required mitigation to be good environmental stewards. When we plan roads, we also set aside land for protection and build in wildlife-friendly design features. We also have contributed nearly $7 million to Orange County's Natural Communities Conservation Plan, setting aside close to 37,380 acres of prime locations for 44 different species.

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Free Flowing Traffic Means Better Air Quality

Did you know that driving The Toll Roads can help maintain cleaner air? That's right. The Toll Roads were designed to utilize "free flow" conditions to reduce congestion that would otherwise emit excess greenhouse gas emissions caused by congestion and idling.

According to the National Motorists Association, less fuel is consumed in free-flowing conditions by driving at steady speeds and avoiding complete stops. And, the less fuel we use, the less emissions go into our environment resulting in cleaner air we breathe.