Violation Resolution

Welcome to The Toll Roads Violation Department.

There are five ways to pay tolls on The Toll Roads (State Routes 73, 133, 241 and 261):

  • FasTrak® (transponder)
  • Charge ExpressAccount (license plate image)
  • Prepaid ExpressAccount (license plate image)
  • Invoice ExpressAccount (license plate image)
  • One-Time-Toll (online payment option)

If you drove The Toll Roads and did not pay your toll(s) using one of these payment methods, then you will receive a violation notice in the mail.

To pay, dispute or monitor the status of a violation, please login using the Reference and Violation Numbers located on the payment stub.

Once you login to this site, you can:
  • Pay the toll amount and violation penalty online with a credit or debit card.
  • Dispute a violation.
  • Monitor the status of your violation dispute.
  • Track past violation payments and dispute history.
Reference Number or Username:
Violation Number or Password:

The Toll Roads account numbers begin with 6000xxxxxxx.

Accountholders with The Toll Roads: If you are an accountholder in good standing with The Toll Roads, you received this notice because the vehicle was not listed on your account at the time of the violation.

You can add the license plate to your account. Please login to your account and select the Vehicle Information tab. Add the license plate to your account using the day of the violation as the vehicle's start date. The violation will clear to your account charging only the toll amount.

If you need further assistance adding the license plate to your account with The Toll Roads, please call us at (949) 727-4800.

If your account does not begin with this sequence, your account is not with The Toll Roads. Please contact the agency that maintains your account. For better service, have the license plate information and the date of the violation available.

How can I pay a violation with cash? Pay a violation with cash at one of our authorized cash payment centers. Find a location near you.

Can I dispute a violation? Dispute a violation is three-step process:
Step1: Initial Review
  • online: Go to and login the website by entering the reference number and violation number located in the payment stub. Please include a detailed explanation for contest reason, and your email address and phone number. Please note that the violation needs to be contested within 21 days of notice date.
  • By mail: You can also request a review of your violation by filling out the "Contest of Notice" portion of your "Notice of Toll Evasion" and mailing to the address below. Please include a detailed explanation for contest reason, and your mailing address and phone number

We will investigate the circumstances and provide you the results by email or based on your contest medium within a week.

Step 2: Administrative Review
If you are not satisfied with the results of the initial investigation, you can request an administrative review by completing the administrative review form available at The request for administrative review needs to be made within 15 days of the postmark date of the results of the initial investigation.
Step 3: Appeal with the municipal court
If you are not satisfied with the results of the administrative review, you can file an appeal with the municipal court. The procedures for administrative review and appeal are set forth in California Vehicle Code, Section 40255 and 40256.