Paperless Statements

We’re Going Paperless

Beginning in January, all account statements will be delivered via email.

Accountholders who currently receive paper statements will receive their last one in October, November or December 2017, depending on their billing cycle.

Online account management is stress free:

  • Monthly account management remainders sent via email
  • Transactions and statements online 24/7 for viewing and printing
  • Account information is safe on our secure website
  • The environment benefits from reduced paper, processing and transporting

View and Print Statements Online

  • Log in to your account (hyperlink to log in page)
  • Enter your username (your username, account number, transponder number or phone number on file)
  • Enter your password (if you forgot it, click “Forgot Password”)
  • Select “Statements & Activity” tab on the left-hand side of the page
  • View and print statements and transactions
  • While logged in, check to make sure your email is correct

Accountholders can continue to receive paper statements monthly by request for one dollar per statement by calling The Toll Roads Customer Service Call Center at (949) 727-4800.

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