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The Toll Roads Overview

Benefits of The Toll Roads

Every day more than 250,000 motorists choose to drive The Toll Roads. Why? Because The Toll Roads (State Routes 73, 133, 241 and 261) are reliable routes that save drivers time and stress.

At 51 miles, The Toll Roads make up the largest network of toll roads in California and make up 20 percent of Orange County's highway system. And, when drivers use The Toll Roads it's better for everyone on every road because it takes commuters off of already-congested freeways and arterial streets.

Reliable Travel

When highways and arterial streets are packed with traffic, The Toll Roads are not. You can rely on The Toll Roads for a free flowing, stress free, nonstop commute. Eighty percent of drivers rely on us to relieve traffic throughout Orange County, improve quality of life and shorten commute times.

Save Time

According to Caltrans, there was a total of 9,736,000 hours of delay on Orange County freeways in 2009. In a recent survey, drivers reported that they save up to 17 minutes per trip by using The Toll Roads compared to other driving alternatives. What would you do with the extra 34 minutes saved from your roundtrip commute?

Save Money

Traffic delays in Orange County equate to wage and salary losses of $154.8 million and result in 16.7 million gallons of extra fuel. No traffic means no lost wages or fuel costs. And, when you pay with FasTrak® you pay the lowest tolls, $.45 to $1.10 less than other forms of payment.

Reduce Stress

Sitting in traffic, wasting gas and running late are stressful. Driving The Toll Roads is not. Not only do The Toll Roads offer an easy escape from traffic, they provide commanding views of Orange County's spectacular canyons and ocean vistas. The result is drivers arriving at their destination not only quicker, but more relaxed.

Cleaner Air

Driving The Toll Roads can help maintain cleaner air. That's because they were designed to utilize "free flow" conditions to reduce congestion that would otherwise emit excess greenhouse gas emissions caused by congestion and idling. The less emissions that go into our environment, the cleaner the air we breathe.

No Stopping

You want to drive -- not stop. That's why The Toll Roads have eliminated the need to stop and pay at toll booths. Now every vehicle -- not just vehicles with a FasTrak transponder -- travels nonstop on our roads thanks to four new ways to pay that were developed for drivers by drivers.

Driving The Toll Roads

On May 14 , we eliminated the need for cash-paying drivers to stop and pay at toll booths. Now, every vehicle travels nonstop on The Toll Roads, thanks to four new ways to pay that were developed for drivers by drivers.

With five ways to pay tolls (FasTrak, three new ExpressAccount® choices and a One-Time-Toll® option), there's a custom payment method that will work for every driver - regardless their method of payment, when they want to pay their toll and how much of California they intend to explore.

More Ways To Pay

We're always looking ahead to keep you moving ahead. That means exciting new developments to our tolling system based on your feedback.

Since 2010, we've been carefully researching the latest and most advanced toll collection technologies to improve your experience on The Toll Roads. After conducting consumer surveys and focus groups, we found that -- in addition to FasTrak -- drivers wanted more, easy ways to pay without stopping. So that's what we've provided.

On May 14, we removed cash toll collection and converted The Toll Roads to all-electronic tolling; which is a fancy way of saying that you'll never again have to stop or wait in line to pay a toll on The Toll Roads. And, don't worry, although we have eliminated one way to pay, we have introduced four new methods of payment.

For the nearly 83 percent of Toll Road drivers who already pay electronically, our conversion to all-electronic toll collection is seamless and uneventful. FasTrak customers don't have to make any changes to their accounts with the conversion.

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