Thank you for purchasing a FasTrak® account at Costco.

You will need to activate your FasTrak account prior to driving on The Toll Roads and other tolling facilities within California.
If not, your trip will be processed as a toll violation.

To activate your account and begin using the transponder that you received at Costco,
just follow the easy steps below. Your transponder will be ready to use on The Toll Roads
and other toll facilities within California. Plus, $50 will be credited to your account.

To receive an additional $5 in toll credits, sign-up to replenish your account with electronic checking.

You will need to reference your 12-digit transponder bar code number and its 4-digit activation code which can both be found on the transponder.

You must return any unwanted transponder(s) to The Toll Roads. Costco cannot
accept returns.

If you have an existing account, click here to activate your transponder.


All fields required.

  • Transponder Bar Code Number:
  • Activation Code:
  • At which Costco did you
    purchase this transponder?
  • Do you currently use
    The Toll Roads?
  • If yes, how often do you use
    The Toll Roads in a month?
  • Did you receive this FasTrak®
    account as a gift from someone?